BUILDING MAINTENANCE:  *lawn care—mowing, weeding, development of grounds   * pressure-washing   *interior and exterior painting   * uv window film application   *movers for large items to the museum   * dump and recycle runs   *moving furniture inside the museum   * window/blind washing   * carpet cleaning

MUSEUM DISPLAYS:  *display development and design   * display assemblers *woodworker/cabinet makers to build displays  * Picture framers  *Graphic Designers

DOCENTS AND JUNIOR DOCENTS:  *guide visitors through the museum

EVENT CENTER:  *develop programming for classical and contemporary music series and a lecture series   * oversee event functions   * manage event center calendar   * develop advertising for events  * Sound and Lighting Technicians

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS:  *develop traveling and in-house programs

FUND RAISING:  *set-up and work fundraising events

TECHNOLOGY:  *data entry   * scanning photographs and papers   * website development and management   * data storage management   * software upgrade management   * system maintenance of computers, printer, television, sound system, projector   * video storage management, video editing, video transfer to newer technologies, video creation   * develop a You Tube Channel  * Lighting Design and programing

COLLECTIONS:  *cataloging inventory   * inventory storage   * data entry to the inventory program   * seamstress

Please let us know how you would like to volunteer !

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