About the Event Center

Our Event Center consists of two rooms and access to a small kitchen.  Each room can be configured to meet your needs and is rented by donation.  See our amenities and gallery below.  We do require a use agreement contract.  Scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis.


Weddings * Funerals/Memorial Services * Baby/Bridal Showers * Parties: Birthdays/Retirement/etc   Meetings * Lectures * Movies * Bingo * Educational Events * Reunions * Concerts/Recitals/Performances



Main Room (Seats 84+):


  14 Moveable Pews (seat 6+ on each)

  12  White Folding Tables (seat 6)

  48 Padded Folding Chairs

  Dais/Pulpit (moveable)

  Spinet Piano

  2 Functioning Pump Organs

  Audio Visual Equipment including:

  Sound system,

Stage Light system

Projection system

Small Room open to main room w/o door

  Seats 15-30 depending on configuration

  2 Conference Tables

  Fireplace (with fake fire)

  Video Monitor on wall

Kitchen (for warming & refrigeration only)

 Fridge, Freezer, Stove, Sinks, Microwave, Coffee-Pot, Small Table

2 Bathrooms (one is ADA)


Fee for use of the Event Center is:

$ By Donation $

When deciding what to donate:
Please remember we are non-profit Organization.   We have bills to pay and a building to maintain!     

Thank You!

We are Proud of our:

Stained Glass Window

Awesome Acoustics

Vaulted Ceilings

New Heat and AC Units

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The McCleary Historical Society is currently working to establish a classical concert series, a contemporary concert series and a guest lecture series.  Equipment and production costs will total $8,000.00 to pay for sound, lighting, projection equipment and up-front fees for some acts.

We are asking for sponsorships to defray some of these expenses.  All donors will be included in the event programs and those contributing $500.00 or more will be named on a plaque of sponsors to be displayed in the center. 

Any amount is greatly appreciated, and we hope to see you at these functions.

Contact us with your Questions! 

Send Sponsorship Donations to:

PO BOX 554 McCleary, WA 98557

Please indicate your donation is for

Event Center Sponsorship.